COC October 2020 Update Leaks and Sneak Part Two


COC Update 2020 News Part two:

As we know with the upcoming Autumn 2020 update Clash of Clans will introduce a two Super Troop, Super Valkyrie and Super minion.

Super Valkyrie:

The Super Valkyrie will arrive when the update drops sometime this October, and she looks hot! The Super Valkyrie has a Big axe that doles out more damage when swung. What makes Super Valkyrie special is what happens when she’s died; she drops a Rage spell that improve the movement speed and damage of nearby friends. Check video Below:

Her hit point and damage are only just a little better than that of the basic Valkyrie but the big deal for her two-and-a-half times the housing space is the Rage spell, which can result in some massive damage from other troops if played correctly.

Super Minion:

The second new super troop which is arriving with the Clash of Clans Autumn 2020 update, is Super Minion. The Super Minion is similar to the Beta Minion on the Builder Base. It comes with the special ability, Long Shot Watch video below:

The Super Minion requires 12 housing space, six times the housing space of a regular minion, but has nearly a 15 times increase in hit points, making it a tanky air troop.