How to login to the Clash of Clans account

After you buy a Clash of Clans account, an email containing account login information (Gmail address, Password, Backup codes) will be automatically sent to your email address.

If you do not know how to buy an account, please visit How to buy.

If you already bought an account from us and looking for a guide about how to login to your purchased account, please follow these three simple steps below:

Step 1: Connect the Gmail to your device

After purchasing an account, go to your email address and click on the email which we automatically sent to you. With the Gmail login information provided in the email, connect the Gmail to your device. If you do not know how to login to the Gmail with backup codes please visit this page

Step 2:  Enter Supercell ID into the game

All of the accounts which we sell already are connected to supercell ID and can be played on both iOS and Android devices. The Gmail address, which is sent to your email address, is your supercell ID email. You need to enter the supercell ID email in the game. To do this, follow this path in game:

Settings Supercell ID Login Enter the Supercell ID email

Step 3:  Supercell Verification Code

After you enter supercell id email in step 2, you will receive supercell verification code in the gmail which you connected to your device in step 1, like picture below:

How it Works

Enter the supercell verification code in the game and enjoy your new account.

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