Clash of Clans October 2020 Update Leaks and Sneak

Clash of Clans October 2020 Update

Autumn (October) COC Update Leaks and Sneak:

As we get closer to COC Autumn Update, We hear more Leaks and Sneak about it. In this update They are adding additional Building and Troop levels, like releasing 100 more Walls for Town Hall 13 players to upgrade, Additional upgrade for Army cam etc. Look at video below to see some of the changes.

Buildings and Troops:

As we said, In this Clash of Clans October update we will see new level for buildings like Archer Tower level 19, Hidden Tesla level 12 and Army Camp level 11. There are also new level for some troops like Wizard level 10, Giant level 10 and P.E.K.K.A Level 9.
An additional 100x Wall segments can now be upgraded to level 14. Heroes will now always guard the village and will automatically heal after taking a defense. The Guard toggle has now been removed.

Inferno Dragon’s beam will no longer heat up while flying; however, the charge-up time for higher damage levels has been reduced.

Electro Dragon’s chain lightning will now prefer targets with the highest hit points if multiple targets are equidistant.

Wall Breakers will now be able to use Jump Spell.


With this COC October update, the 7-day cool down after you have used any Super Troops will be removed! So, you are now able to use the same Super Troop consecutively without having to wait the 7-day period that was previously required.


The Supercell ID team has been hard at work adding a few new, community-requested features to improve the usability of the Supercell ID. You can now custom name each of your Supercell ID accounts.

Ability to add profiles and profile pictures time to find that best kitty photo! You can now add friends to your Supercell ID account and play with them across all Supercell games.

You can now see who on your friend’s list is online and what Supercell game they are currently playing!


Beta Minion’s AI improved to reduce randomness of their starting attack position. Clock Tower Boost will no longer pause during maintenance as maintenance will not affect the Builder Base’s progress.


New tech added to skin functionality to allow cooler, wilder special effects like customized spawned troops, attack hits, smoke effects, etc.


  • Supercell have reduced upgrade times and costs for multiple Dark Elixir troops. 

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