Clan Wars

Clan Wars

In this post we will introduce you with basics about Clan Wars in Clash of Clans and will give you some tips and facts about it. Clan wars firstly added in April 2014 and has changed during these years. Check video below

Clan Wars Matchmaking:

    • The matchmaking system in Clan Wars. will put you against another clan with same strength.

    • When a Co-Leaders or Leaders starts a Clan War search, It may takes a few minutes or a few hours for the matchmaking process to find a suitable opponent clan. While the Clan is searching for a Clan War, Co-Leaders or Leaders can cancel the war search at any time, but they can’t cancel the war search if matchmaking system already found an opponent.

    • Experience level of members, number of trophies, number of wars won by a clan and clan level will not effect on the matchmaking process.

    • There is no cooldown for Clan Wars. A Clan war search can be started as long as the clan is not currently in a war, whether it be a normal Clan War or a Friendly War.

      • However, you can not start a search for regular Clan Wars during the Clan War Leagues sign up period.

Eligibility of Members:

    • You can start Clan Wars with different sizes, from 5 vs 5 up to 50 vs 50, but you can’t start  35 vs 35 or 45 vs 45 Clan Wars. Leaders or Co-leaders will choose players among all members in Clan, to participate in Clan wars.

    • If you do not want to participate in a Clan War, you can Opt-Out. You can Opt-Out by visiting your Player Profile and clicking the “Clan Wars” button and it will ask you if you prefer to be in the war or not. Leaders can still choose players that have chosen to opt-out.

    • If you leave the Clan while you were participated in Clan war, you are not eligible for a war in a new Clan, until the war in the last clan end.

      • However, if war participants re-join the clan that they left, they will be able to resume participation in the clan’s war, if it is still ongoing.

    • Any members that join a clan that is in the midst of a war (regardless of whether the clan is in preparation day or battle day) will have to spectate.

Preparation Day:

    • During Preparation Day, War Bases are open for troop donation and can be redesigned using all the parts of your regular Village. 

  • Donation of Troops

    • During Preparation Day, you can donate troops to your clan mates to help defend against any attacks from the enemy. 

  • Scouting Enemy Bases

    • Since the May 2016 update, enemy war base layouts are only revealed during Battle Day, In other words, The “war base” which you see in preparation day will change and it will not be the war base layout which you see in Battle day.

    • In the preparation day, You can decide which clan members will attack which bases in Battle day.

Battle Day:

    • Each Clan War participant, can attack twice during Battle Day. Each participant will have a recommended base but you can attack any base you like. You must attack two separate bases with your two attacks, It means you can’t attack same base twice.

    • Clan war attacks will not break your shield, change your trophies, or steal loots.

  • Multiple Attacks on the Same Base

    • Only the best attack against each enemy counts.

    • If two players attack same enemy base, the attack which gained more stars will be determined.

    • If two players attack same enemy base and gain same amount stars, the attack which done more percentage destruction will be determined as best attack. For example if one player gain 2 stars and 60% destruction and other player gain also 2 stars but 90% destruction percentage, the second attack will be counted.

  • War Win Loot Bonus

    • war win Loot bonus is unique to every base. If you gain at least one star in an attack, will receive whole loot bonus on that particular base. 

    • If you get no stars in an attack, you only get a reduced bonus whose percentage is equal to the destruction percentage. For example, If you attack a base with 40% destruction without destroying the Town Hall, Will receive  40% of the full War Win Bonus of this base.

  • Clan War Tools

      • War Tools are firstly added on April 9th, 2018 Check video below:

    • War Tools are accessed by tapping on a opponent base and tapping the up arrow, bringing up the war tools. 

    • Clan War Participants can claim targets using the “Claim Target” button. By doing this, other players can your intention to attack the claimed war base.

    • If you use ”Claim target” one an opponent base, other players still can attack that base and you can also attack the other bases which you did not claim it.

    • Clan War Participants can also leave notes on each war base and edit it any time during the war.

    • Opponent Can’t see your clan mates ”Claim Target” and notes on their bases.

War Results:

    • At the end of Battle Day, The clan with the most stars scored against enemy will win the Clan War.

    • If both clans score the same amount of stars, The clan with most overall percentage destruction will win the Clan war.

    • If both clans deal the same amount of stars and total destruction, the war will be considered a draw.

    • At the end of the war, War bonus loots will be delivered to your Clan Castle.

    • In the Clan’s Wars Log, You can see the results of last 50 wars the Clan has been in.

    • If you win a Clan War, you would earn the full War Win bonus. If you draw the Clan War, you would earn half of the war win bonus, and If you loose the war, you would earn just 3/7ths of the war win bonus.

    • If your clan win the Clan war an extra 50 Clan XP will be earned.

    • If you have left the clan before the war ended, you will receive the War Bonus if you had attacked at least one base in the Clan War. 

Friendly Wars:

    • Friendly Wars are firstly added in the October 2016 update.

    • In Friendly Wars, you are able to challenge another clan to a Clan War for fun.

    • To start a Friendly War, a Leader or Co-leader must go to the clan profile of the clan they want to challenge, where they may request a challenge to that clan.

    • Clans may choose to opt out of Friendly Wars.

      • The size of the Friendly War can start from 5 vs 5 up to 50 vs 50.

      • The Leader or Co-leader of the clan which request friendly war, Can choose the length of the preparation period and battle period these can last for duration: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours, 20 hours and 1 day.

    • Once the challenge is sent, it will be visible to both the challenging clan and the challenged clan. A leader or co-leader from the clan that was challenged will can reject or accept the challenge.

    • Just like in a Friendly Challenge, you won’t expend troops in Friendly Wars attacks. But your Clan Castle troops will be expended in Friendly War attacks.

    • By friendly war attacks You will not receive any war starts, Xp or loots

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