Town Hall 13 Maps

Town Hall 13 Bases

In this post we will introduce you to the top 4 Town Hall 13 Defensive, Farming And Clan wars Maps. The maps will be generated automatically after clicking on Copy Map.

Defensive & Farming

Defensive And Farming Town Hall 13 Map
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The purpose of this map is to farm and get medals. There are 2 Xbows in the middle that attack flying enemies across the map. The dark elixir storage is in the middle which can help saving the dark elixir. If they try to get your dark elixir the Eagle will be a threat And if they go for the Eagle they cant get the dark elixir.

ClanWar & Defensive

Clan War And Defensive Map Town Hall 13
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The purpose of this map is to save your trophy. This Map Can also be used for Clan Wars. Enemies have to get rid of corners before they try to go To mid. They can risk to destroy the corners first which can result in 1 or 3 stars or they can for just one corner and it can result in 1 or 2 stars. 


Farming Town Hall 13 Map
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This next map may look a little messy but the purpose of this map is to decrease the chance of losing your elixir and gold. There are walls all over the map so the enemy units have to start from afar and if you look at the middle its almost impossible to get 3 stars or all the loots.

Extremly Defensive

Only Cup Map Town Hall 13
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On to the 4th map. If you are only looking for cups and you do not care about farming, this is the map for you. As you can see the dark elixir storage is right in the corner. So what this does is that it causes people to either go for the dark elixir and then leave the game or try to 3 star the map from the dark elixir side and in the best situation they will get 2 stars.

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