Super Archer

Super Archer

Today Supercell released a new Super Troop, the Super Archer. Super troops are available on Town Hall 11 and upper. These are powered-up version of regular troops. To change regular archer to Super Archer for one week, your Archer level must be 8 or 9 and need to spend 50000 dark elixir.

Difference between Super Archer and Regular Archer: 

Regular Archer just takes 32 damage per hit but Super Archer takes 132 Damages. Regular Archer has only 50 hit points but Super Archer has 500 hit points. How ever Super Archer uses 12 housing space but the regular Archer uses only one. 

Sharp Shot:

Super Archer’s arrows deal damage to multiple targets in a row. watch video below:

The number of buildings she can hit is limited by how far the arrow flies, if you summon Super Archer near a building, can hit up to 4 buildings. This is very useful to sniping defenses at the beginning of the attacks. Super Archer is similar to bowler Super archer can hit more buildings depends on how far the arrow flies, but bowler can just attack 2 buildings.

Super Archer Strategies:

Although the Super Archer is more takes more damages and has much more hit points than the regular Archer, Because Super Archer uses 12 housing spaces, her most common use is not on the main attack. But she is extremely useful to snipe buildings at the beginning of the attack. 

Source: Clash of clans youtube

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