Pirate Warden

Pirate Warden

October Season Gold Pass starts today with a new skin, “Pirate Warden”. You Can buy Gold pass for 4.99$ in the game and complete the October challenge to unlock Pirate Warden skin for Grand Warden and receive other rewards. You can buy October gold pass for $2.99 from us. to get more information click here.

October Challenges:

As always in this October gold pass there are 3 daily challenges: Get a star from a Multiplayer Battle; Get a star from a Versus Battle and Donate a total of 15 Housing Space worth of troops. Each of daily challenges provide 20 challenge points when you complete them.

In October challenge just like as previous challenges, there are seasonal challenges that can be completed throughout the entire month. These challenges need a bit more effort and time and will provide you more challenge points to help you to receive 26000 challenge point and unlock all rewards and Pirate Warden as soon as possible.

Pirate Warden:

Pirate Warden is 5th Grand Warden skin and it’s the second Pirate Theme skin, following the “Pirate Queen”. Just check out video below and watch him:

Here is what is inside this month Gold Pass:

Challenge PointsFree PassGold Pass
401 Gem Donations
80Storied Statue10% Research Boost (reduces cost and Laboratory research time by 10%)
12010% Builder Boost (reduces building upgrade time and cost by 10%)
160Power Potion10% Training Boost (reduces cost training time by 10%)
200Rune of Gold
260Hero PotionBook of Builder Gold
320Rune of Elixir
380500,000 ElixirRune of Builder Elixir
440Rune of Dark Elixir
500500,000 GoldBigger Season Bank (increases to 10m Gold & Elixir, 100k Dark Elixir)
5802 x Hero Potion
6605,000 Dark Elixir2x Power Potion
7402 x Training Potion
8201,000,000 Elixir15% Research Boost (increased from 10%)
90015% Training Boost (increased from 10%)
9801,000,000 GoldBigger Season Bank (increases to 15m Gold & Elixir, 150k Dark Elixir)
106015% Builder Boost (increased from 10%)
114010,000 Dark Elixir6 x Wall Ring
12206 x Wall Ring
13001,500,000 Elixir6 x Wall Ring
1400Bigger Season Bank (increases to 20m Gold & Elixir, 200k Dark Elixir)
15001,500,000 Gold20% Research Boost (increased from 15%)
160020% Training Boost (increased from 15%)
170015,000 Dark Elixir20% Builder Boost (increased from 15%)
1850Book of Spells
20001,000,000 Builder ElixirBook of Fighting
2150Book of Heroes
23001,000,000 Builder GoldBook of Building
2450Bigger Season Bank (increases to 25m Gold & Elixir, 250k Dark Elixir)
2600Book of HeroesUnlocks the Pirate Warden Skin

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